Comprehensive Chemical Lab Testing for the Oil & Gas Industry

KJ Scientific provides chemical lab testing for a wide array of oil and gas products to ensure human and environmental health.

KJ Scientific provides extensive chemical lab testing and analysis for the oil and gas industry on a variety of products and chemicals including, petroleum and petroleum products, crude oil, gasoline, diesel, natural gas and petrochemicals. Products and chemicals from the oil and gas industry have a major impact on human and wildlife environments, and for this reason it is integral to human, plant and animal health that these chemicals be safe, responsible and in compliance with industry regulations.

Through our products and services, KJ Scientific will provide you with cost-effective chemical lab testing and analysis to ensure the safest and healthiest chemicals reach the market and the environment.

KJ Scientific’s chemical lab testing and analysis services will address the needs of the oil and gas industry concerning environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. Our scientists can help you through each step of the testing and evaluation process.

Chemicals with specific characteristics and production of over one ton per year are required to undergo testing before going into the market. We have the knowledge and expertise to perform the needed studies and deliver reliable and accurate results.

Per the European Commission’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) initiative, we test each chemical for bioaccumulation following the PBT criteria (Persistency, Bioaccumulation, Toxicity). This is done in pursuit our goal of maintaining the highest standards for chemicals tested for risk to environmental and human health. KJ Scientific is also committed to significantly decreasing the number of animals needed to conduct chemical lab testing by utilizing new and alternative in vitro technologies that will also reduce cost and time for your company.

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"KJ Scientific provides the innovative chemical testing services and products that our customers need while upholding our commitment to environmental sustainability."

Karla Johanning, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder | KJ Scientific

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