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Pricing for KJ Scientific’s products and services can vary depending on your specialized order and consultation needs. As world leading environmental testing laboratories, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality for cost.

We are the first lab to concentrate on advanced, innovative technology, the in vitro metabolism assay.

 This new technology significantly reduces the number of animals required for testing by nearly 100% and in turn, will reduce research costs and experimentation time by up to 50%.

Our products are developed from reliable rainbow trout strains and prepared properly in our labs. The environmental testing laboratories use them in our own studies – that’s how much KJ Scientific believes in the products.

Let us know what products and services you need, and we will contact you with a quote. We encourage you to request any products and services you don’t see listed below. We will accommodate your specialized requests in any way we can!

Product Ordering Information

Product NameSizePrice (USD)
Liver S9 Subcellular Fraction (Trout)1 mLContact for Pricing →
Cryopreserved Hepatocytes (Trout)1.5 mLContact for Pricing →

Services from KJ Scientific

Metabolism Testing and Bioaccumulation Potential Determination (BCF)Contact for Pricing →

"As a scientist at KJ Scientific, I know firsthand the commitment we uphold of ensuring environmental health and delivering the highest quality products and services."

Aurora Long

Scientist | KJ Scientific