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KJ Scientific's pharmaceutical lab uses groundbreaking technology and practices to provide reliable and responsible drug testing and analysis.

KJ Scientific is a trusted pharmaceutical lab offering thorough testing and analysis of pharmaceuticals heading to market for environmental safety and compliance.

At KJ Scientific, we understand the challenge of balancing quality and product safety in the drug development process, Our pharmaceutical lab is ready to assist you in the development of a product that meets and exceeds regulatory compliance and maintains the highest safety standards for humans, wildlife, and the environment. KJ Scientific offers industry leading products and services to help your company reach its market goals.

Our experts will work tirelessly to address your unique needs, offering flexible contract studies that are tailored to your development and regulatory process for your pharmaceutical.

Chemicals with specific characteristics and production of over one ton per year are required to undergo testing before going into the market. KJ Scientific’s pharmaceutical lab possesses the experience and expertise to deliver accurate testing and analysis. 

Per the European Commission’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) initiative, we test each chemical for Bioaccumulation following the PBT criteria (Persistency, Bioaccumulation, Toxicity). This is done to ensure the highest standards are met for chemicals we test before they head to the market.

Our pharmaceutical lab is also committed to significantly decreasing the number of animals needed to conduct chemical assays by utilizing new and alternative in vitro technologies that will also reduce cost and experimentation time.

Learn how the products and services offered by our pharmaceutical lab at KJ Scientific can assist you in your drug testing and development needs.

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"I am so proud to be a scientist for a company so committed to ensuring every industry is environmentally responsible."

Gracy Garcia

Scientist | KJ Scientific

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