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KJ Scientific chemcial testing labs use the most advanced technology to conduct sustainable, responsible, and accurate product testing.

The chemical testing labs at KJ Scientific provide world class testing and analysis on a wide range of chemical compounds heading for market including agrochemicals, dyes, cleaning chemicals, industrial chemicals, nanomaterials, plastics and veterinarian products.

With humans coming into contact with chemicals every day in our environments, it is vital to both our health and the health of our environments that these chemicals be safe and in compliance with the most current regulatory standards. KJ Scientific is committed to helping your company develop the most responsible product for the market 

through the products and services we offer at our chemical testing labs.

KJ Scientific will address the needs of every step of the testing and regulatory process for your chemical compound. Chemicals with specific characteristics and production of over one ton per year are required to undergo testing before going into the market.

Our scientists are very familiar with the chemical testing process and have the expertise to deliver reliable and accurate analysis of studies 

Per the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) initiative, we test each chemical for Bioaccumulation following the PBT criteria (Persistency, Bioaccumulation, Toxicity). This is done in our goal of ensuring the highest standards are met for chemicals we test before they head to the market.

Our chemical testing labs are also committed to significantly decreasing the number of animals needed to conduct chemical assays by utilizing new and alternative in vitro technologies that will also reduce cost and time.

Discover how KJ Scientific can help your industry through the products and services we offer!

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"KJ Scientific has years of experience and knowledge to help companies of virtually any industry make products that are compliant and healthy for people and the environment."

Aurora Long

Scientist | KJ Scientific

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