About KJ Scientific: A World Class Product Testing Lab for All Industries

World-leading product testing lab delivering the highest quality service to ensure human and environmental health protection.

KJ Scientific LLC is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with a global reach. We have locations in Texas and Switzerland.

KJ Scientific was founded with a mission of ensuring human and environmental health through rigorous testing and analysis of the chemicals and products introduced to the market. To uphold these high standards, we became the first product testing lab in the world to exclusively use new, innovative in vitro technology in our chemical testing products and services.

This alternative animal testing method reduces research and testing costs by up to 50%, decreases experimentation time by up to 50% and significantly cuts down on the number of animals required for testing by nearly 100% – all while delivering highly reliable and sustainable chemical analysis.

KJ Scientific has extensive experience testing and analyzing a wide range of chemicals and products such as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, fragrances, consumer goods and many more. 

Our product testing lab offers full, customized studies of chemicals for identification of metabolic rates and bioaccumulation potential. 

We provide world class products to those who conduct their own bioassays, sourced from reliable rainbow trout strains. Our scientists believe in our liver S9 subcellular fraction and cryopreserved hepatocytes so much that we use them exclusively in our own testing.

KJ Scientific has proven world-leading expertise and experience in this field. We are one of seven laboratories that participated in the OECD Ring Trial which resulted in the development of test guidelines TG 319A and 319B on determination of in vitro intrinsic clearance using rainbow trout cryopreserved hepatocytes and liver S9 subcellular fractions. We partnered with Fortune 100 Companies on the multi-year process to establish the guidelines that all laboratories conducting in vitro experiments must follow.

The scientists of our product testing lab have extensive knowledge of Good Lab Practices (GLP) protocols and conduct all experiments and processes in the Spirit of GLP. Our high testing standards ensure strict protection of environmental health and reduce harm to animals throughout the testing process.

We understand that our work can identify the potential risks of substances on the health of humans and wildlife, and so we guarantee that our products and services are delivered with the highest levels of integrity, responsibility, accuracy and dependability.

KJ Scientific offers tailor-made products and services for your specialized needs. Connect with us and discover how our company can help your company!

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Karla Johanning, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder


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A native of Costa Rica, Dr. Johanning has dedicated her professional life to study different aspects of environmental biology and ecotoxicology in relation to human and environmental health.

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Michael Landers, M.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Landers has over 35 years experience in management, strategic planning and financial analysis with small and large companies.

Erica Nierth, Ph.D.

Scientific Consultant

Nierth is a cell biology professor and lab coordinator y at Texas State University – San Marcos. She has extensive experience in cell signaling, endocrine disruption and molecular biology of the estrogen receptor.

Susan Cielinski, M.S.

Scientific Consultant

Cielinski has worked at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for over 20 years assisting in planning, comprehensive conservation, habitat and water management, biological monitoring, and land acquisition.

Patrick D. Guiney, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

Guiney is a corporate environmental toxicologist with 35 years of professional experience in ecological and human health risk assessment, working S.C. Johnson, Inc. for 27 years and as President and Vice President of the World Council at SETAC.

Michael Douglas, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

Douglas, an accomplished biochemist, has published nearly 100 scientific papers, and holds two patents related to biopharmaceutical compositions.

Uriel Quesada, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

Quesada, an accomplished writer, is the Dean at the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences at Loyola University, New Orleans.

Patricia Rosen, MD, MPH

Advisory Board Member

Rosen, a medical and clinical toxicologist, has provided over 30 years of service, including serving as the medical director of the Central Texas Poison Center.