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KJ Scientific Independent Testing Labs offers superior hemp and CBD testing services

KJ Scientific Independent Testing Labs, a subsidiary of KJ Scientific, was established to expand our knowledge of environmental toxicology testing to the hemp industry. Our CBD lab follows the strictest standards in the country, delivering accurate, trusted results every time.

We test each sample for:

  • tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) potency (the psychoactive component of marijuana),
  • cannabidiol (CBD) potency,
  • residual solvents,
  • terpene analysis,
  • pesticide analysis,
  • and mycotoxins.

After the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 – otherwise known as the Farm Bill – a variety of products containing hemp CBD have been introduced to the market.

To ensure they meet industry standards for what is legally considered “hemp” and are safe for human use, we perform studies on hemp biomass, extracts, and finished or CBD-infused products.

We utilize advanced chromatographic instrumentation and detection techniques to test and analyze each sample to ensure they’re legally compliant and safe for market consumption.

CBD testing is essential to the hemp industry to ensure that THC in hemp plants does not exceed 0.3%, thus becoming a controlled substance. Farmers, extraction processors, and manufacturers of CBD products all need to prove the integrity of their products. Our CBD lab tests many CBD-infused products including personal care products, edibles, and other recreational products. Law enforcement agencies also benefit from testing substances in question in felony cases.

Our experienced personnel and facilities follow stringent protocols in adherence with industry regulators (the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and ISO/IEC 17025). When you send your samples for testing to our CBD lab, you will have confidence that we will follow proper procedures and provide you with reliable results demonstrating your company’s compliance with state and federal guidelines.

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The KJ Promise: A Reproducible & Sustainable Method of Testing

Consulting and Direction

Our services cover every aspect of vertical production of CBD from extraction to final validation for market.

Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Testing

Turnkey testing services covering everything from accurate laboratory testing to regulatory compliance.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Use KJ Scientific Independent Labs as your third-party source for providing trusted support for your products.

Efficiency and Trusted Processes

KJ Scientific conducts all lab testing services with professionalism and expertise under strict standards. Our lab is certified!

"Our background in chemical testing and analysis has prepared us for the rigorous protocols, advanced testing procedures and strict quality assurance procedures that are required in Hemp & CBD testing."

Karla Johanning, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder