Consumer Product Testing Labs for Metabolism Assessment

Reliable and accurate metabolism studies performed for chemicals and products of every industry.

The consumer product testing labs at KJ Scientific are the most innovative and advanced, providing metabolism studies on a wide variety of chemical compounds. We use the latest technology and practices to ensure product safety for human and environmental health.

Our labs offer tailored, full contract studies – metabolism experiments and analysis – for your unique needs. You simply ship the chemical compound directly to our lab, and we will conduct the assays and analysis utilizing rainbow trout liver S9 subcellular fraction and cryopreserved hepatocytes that are sourced and prepared on site. At our state of the art consumer product testing labs, we will analyze the results of metabolism studies to provide you with a Bioconcentration Factor (BCF) that your company will provide to industry regulators (EPA, ECHA, REACH).

Our consumer product testing labs prepare liver enzymes from reliable rainbow trout strains we trust and use in our own products.

At KJ Scientific, our scientists use the latest alternative technology, in vitro metabolism assays, to find the metabolic rates and obtain the BCF of the chemical compound under study.¬†These new methods significantly reduce the number of animals required for testing each chemical by nearly 100%. They also lower your company’s research costs as well as experimentation time by up to 50%.

All studies are conducted in the Spirit of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We comply with safety regulatory measure under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of Chemicals), ECHA (European Chemical Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Metabolism testing is essential for the testing of many different chemicals for approval and regulatory purposes including pesticides, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fragrances, petroleum products and many others. Our scientists at KJ Scientific possess the needed knowledge and skills to assist a variety of industries and ensure that only the safest substances are being introduced into the environment.

Your company can easily and conveniently ship your chemical samples directly to our consumer product testing labs, and we will provide you with the results in a timely and responsible manner. We can also assist in consultation and analysis of your own metabolism studies.



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