Liver S9 Subcellular Fraction

KJ Scientific is the world’s best source for liver S9 subcellular fraction, prepared responsibly from reliable trout strains.

KJ Scientific is the best resource for rainbow trout S9 (RT-S9) subcellular liver fraction to be used for biological assays. RT-S9 liver fraction contains metabolic enzymes that make it an excellent candidate for in vitro metabolism studies of a variety of xenobiotic substances including pharmaceutical drugs, agrochemicals, cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products, and ingredients in consumer goods.

Our RT-S9 liver fraction is the result of properly perfused liver that undergoes homogenization and centrifugation. The supernatant fraction is then flash frozen at ultra low temperatures of -80 oC that can then be shipped worldwide in liquid nitrogen vapors. We use the latest technology and lab practices to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our products.

KJ Scientific is a trusted and reliable source of the highest quality

and most well characterized liver RT-S9 fraction on the market today. Not only can we ship our product right to you anywhere in the world, but we will help address any of your experimental needs including properly instructing you on correct procedures in your own in vitro metabolism studies.

For our liver S9 fraction, we use reliable rainbow trout strains chosen from certified hatcheries that have been grown in natural environments with no artificial manipulation. These batches, or lots, contain cells from up to eight individual fish to account for variability. They are fully characterized for Phase I and Phase II metabolic enzyme activity.

We test our lots for pyrene metabolism which was the positive control used in the OECD validation, or Ring Trial, and it is recommended as one of the positive controls to use in the OECD Test Guidelines for test 319B, Determination of In Vitro Intrinsic Clearance Using Rainbow Trout Liver S9 Subcellular Fraction.

KJ Scientific’s liver S9 fractions are an excellent resource for toxicological studies including metabolism assays, bioaccumulation assessment, toxicity tests, and metabolite identification studies, just to name a few.

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Product Details

Product InformationRT-S9 Liver Fraction
Protein Concentration (mg/ml) (average upon preparation)18-30
Volume per vial (ml) 0.5-1.0

Liver S9 Subcellular Fractions Product Information

Note: These ranges were determined using historical data collected at KJ Scientific's laboratory. Several strains of rainbow trout were tested to calculate these values.

Metabolic Assays and BCFRT-S9 Liver Fraction
Ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) activity (pmoles/min/mg protein)1.12 – 6.31
Gluthathione S-transferase (GST) activity (mol/min/ml)304 - 1788
Pyrene metabolic rate (k = 1/h)6 - 15.7
Pyrene liver intrinsic clearance (ml/h/mg protein)24 - 63
Pyrene Bioconcentration Factor (BCF) (fu = 1)151 - 159

"At KJ Scientific, we use the most advanced methods currently in practice in the preparation of our products. We only want to provide our customers with the best."

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